About This Project

The Riff Hotel is located at Madison Square Garden in New York City, conveniently right below Times Square. This was a Hotel renovation installed in 2014 on 8th Avenue at 30th Street right at the shadows of Madison Square Garden and few blocks below 34th Street in the Borough of Manhattan. The Flagship Hotel is the crown jewel of Salomon Smeke of Salt Equities.

This hospitality project focused on a 70’s and 80’s music theme inspired by Madonna’s stay at this Hotel in her beginning years. The interior design of the lobby and courtyard are very soothing with a great backdrop of bright red and stripped design with Richard Corman photography hung of Madonna in the 80’s prior to making Desperately Seeking Susan.

The Hotel has double rooms, private rooms and suites done in stripes with mid century retro background for the interior design of each room. This property has a courtyard, lobby, awnings and features 34 rooms. Its worth a visit, a beautiful interior design installation.


New York City

Commercial & Hospitality