Jeffrey Rudes Menswear

Ever since Jeff Rudes left J Brand – the denim powerhouse he founded in 2004 – fashion insiders have buzzed about his next move.

Now, Rudes is finally set to unveil his new creative  venture: Understated, sumptuous clothing for men that marries clean lines, luxury fabrics, impeccable craftsmanship, Rudes’ legendary eye for detail – and a little rock-‘n’-roll edge.


To design a space as rarefied as his clothes, Rudes bypassed conventional retail designers to tap a longtime friend– the acclaimed editor/ interior designer Steed Hale, principal of Steed Hale Interior Design & Company Inc., whose global portfolio includes hotels, restaurants, retail, commercial spaces, high-end residential, and many celebrity clients.


Design details inside the store are as rich and intense as Rudes’ clothing, and reflect the same kind of meticulous eye. The main floor is laid with Calcutta Gold Borghini Marble that Hale hand-selected from blocks carved from a mountain in Italy.


“Jeff describes the details in his clothing the way I would describe the details in one of my rooms. So designing the space was a labor of love for me, as our friendship has sustained 35 years,” Hale said. “But it also presented challenges. How would I capture his subtle aesthetic, reflect his passion for detail, and above all spotlight the exquisite character of the clothing. One of my challenges in designing this space was to come up with a sophisticated backdrop let’s call it a stage – for the clothes themselves, which are clearly the star of this show.”